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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:02 pm 

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Greetings folks,
I apologise in advance for the long message. We are a new but enthusiastic group still learning the game. I will attach the first two nights of our gaming in two separate emails. We would appreciate any comments if you feel we are off track with the theme of FOTN or if you see anything we have done which is not correct. I hope you enjoy...

[color=#800000]WARNING: SPOILERS
[/color]‘I was there, at the Battle of the Blot. I was there when Thor the Thunder God and Odin the Father turned their attention to the relatively insignificant isle of Atloy. And I was there when the funeral longboats were set on fire on the icy waters off the small township celebrating the Blot to the local Vaettir; Baelygr. I am one of the very few that knows the true story…’


It all started when five adventurers; Gunnar (Galdr), Haar (Ulfhednar), Fjorn (Galdr), Karl Bruun (Seithkona) and Thrall Dorrud (Skald) stepped off a longship at Atloy in the early afternoon. After being met by Baldri and led to the tents outside the main hall set up for the Blot celebration, the party quickly sought to purchase warmer clothing for Dorrud, who was silently suffering in his paltry rags. Ragnar the merchant was more than happy to lead the party down to the docks to show off his massively overpriced wares, guarded by four guards.

Thinking of procuring the warm clothing and weaponry at a more reasonable cost, Bruun conjures a lost soul and possesses Ragnar. A battle of wills ensues, with Ragnar struggling out two fateful words before he is possessed entirely – ‘KILL THEM’. The guards spring into action, instantly attacking the patrons on their master’s command. Their sharpened weapons slice through what paltry protection the party was wearing. Thinking they were betrayed, the party viciously fought back, with Haar inflicting horrendous wounds on Ragnar (now losing the fight of possession). Fortunately, Dorrud used his influence to call a halt to the fighting, and life-saving care was administered to Ragnar and some party members. Ragnar, once recovered, was remarkably different and insisted that Dorrud be equipped for free due to the mistake that was made (he was now fully possessed).

It was at this time, when Dorrud was trying on a shiny new chainmail shirt and winter cloak, that Gunnar realised Bruun had used his dark arts to violate hospitality protocols and possessed the unfortunate merchant. Without warning, he swings his mighty maul to heavily wound Bruun. Bruun retaliates by attempting to possess his companion, knowing that if he did not his life was forfeit as Gunnar worshipped Tyr and would enact justice to right the situation. The rest of the party suddenly were once again trying to de-escalate the tension with the guards who were reacting to the unnatural nature of their master and the internal fighting of the group. However, once the party sees that Bruun is attempting to possess Gunnar, the rest of his party turn on him. Dorrud argues not to kill him as he may be required to assist in the healing of Ragnar.

Once the possession is reversed, the party ask Ragnar what needs to be done for reparation. ‘KILL THE WITCH’ he screamed, and Gunnar prepares to carry out the execution. Dorrud convinces Ragnar that Bruun could be better used alive, undertaking a quest of Ragnar’s design. Ragnar smiles as he tasks Bruun to immediately set off to kill Grimskull, the legendary polar bear on a small adjacent island. Many brave warriors had already died trying to kill Grimskull, who resides in a longhouse full of stores and saleable goods the merchant wanted. The rest of the party agree to accompany Bruun on this epic quest, with Dorrud being equipped as part of the deal.

The party is transported to the isle by Olvir and Egil, who had just arrived for the celebrations of the Blot. Both were very impressed with the courage of the inexperienced party and Dorrud was gifted a necklace from Egil. Seeing frozen warriors in tortured positions with their eyes gouged out on arrival did not overly fill the party with confidence. The party quickly established a trap of hidden ice spikes and lit oil to cover their flanks and rear. Grimskull, taunted by the fire in his icy domain, challenged the party. However, he stopped short of the ice spikes and used his frosted breath to neutralise the trap, grinning as he made a solid ground to charge over.

Combat was vicious. Albeit being more powerful, Grimskull took massive blows from the wolfen form of Haar and the steadfast Bruun. Dorrud chanted healing which was being depleted quicker than it was forthcoming. The advantage turned when Grimskull breathed his icy breath and delivering massive attacks, instantaneously killing Bruun (frozen in place) and Fjorn (mortally wounded and then fell unconscious into the fire). The heavily wounded remainders , now resigned to their fate of feasting in the halls of Valhalla that night, unleashed their fury on the beast.

The great Grimskull fell, though there was no celebration from the survivors. Not only had they lost two companions and great warriors, but the world would be a worse place with the loss of a great beast. On return to Atloy and recalling of the incident, the survivors were hailed as warriors of great renown and invited to feast that night in the great hall as part of the Blot celebration. On request from Dorrud, Ragnar was also invited into the main hall. Prior to that however, the King’s personal Angel of Death oversaw the longboat funeral pyre that was pushed out to sea which contained Karl Bruun, Fjorn the Galdr and Grimskull the polar bear. Fjorn is swept up by the Valkyere, Bruun is left for eternity in Nieflehim.

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A stirring tale! It seems your players are getting a good grip on the RGS mechanics and working well together. Also a good example of how a Norn can smoothly add side quests into a saga.

Grimskull may make an appearance in my own campaign, he seems a great villain.

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