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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:18 am 
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I haven't seen the actual rules document, but from what I recall:

3 member war-band (thanes can surpass the limit)
level 12 to 15 with a total party level of 40 (thanes can surpass the limit)
Something about capping conditions below 4 (can't recall what level)
Black (long) Wounds track used
You can keep each character secret, but opponents can play M runes to have you reveal the powers bound to a rune (active and passive)
Contingency must be written down and revealed when the trigger condition is met

There may be more, probably best to try it out :)


PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:00 pm 
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TMechler wrote:
After asking a question about egil's saga in the Norn sub-forum some helpful people pointed me to the "design Egil" competition under arch-types. So I went there and grabbed the winning Egil and printed off the write-up thinking that I would use it to further educate myself on how the game works for higher level characters.

A good Egil, but maybe not the most helpful one for new players. I'd recommend staying with the vanilla meta tags for the first while, you'll have plenty of time to dabble in those more advanced ones later. My recommendation so you don't get too overwhelmed with a level 18, is that you focus on a Grizzled Warrior and not much else. This is my suggested build that uses some Keen Aptitudes to reduce the number of powers you need to worry about.

Level 18 Egil (Grizzled Warrior)
Essence: 10 (4P, 3M, 3S)
Destiny: 4

Actives bound to P
Enchant Flesh
Apples of Idun
Satisfying Attack
Cleansing Block

Actives bound to M
Power Attack
Mobile Stance

Actives bound to S
Regenerating Attack
Lunging Attack
Cleansing Attack

Cornered Ferocity
Blood Drinker
Blood Lust
Tactical Advantage
Carried by Blood
Keen Aptitude (Cornered Ferocity)
Keen Aptitude (Cornered Ferocity)
Keen Aptitude (Desperation)
Keen Aptitude (Desperation)

Throw up your stance when you get it (no metas). This is a bloodied build, so once he has taken about 21 to 25 damage (5 runes in the damage piles) his damage and survivability kicks in. This makes the end of the fight interesting, because you may have to yield, but the players may also see a change in the tide of battle quite quickly and they may have to surrender. Use Tactical Advantage to get adjacent to 2 opponents. When bloodied:
* DF +6 (additional +2 DF if opponent being attacked is bloodied- use multi on your attacks)
* Pierce +6 (additional +2 DF if opponent being attacked is bloodied)
* PF: +3 (with 2 adjacent foes)
* Parry: +6 (with 2 adjacent foes)
* Heal +2 (or +6 if next to bloodied opponent)
* Move +2

Give him a 1-hander and a good shield as well as the best size 3 armor. If I were Norn, I'd give a level 18 Damascus gear (so PF 2, Parry 1 armor).

I hope this this gives you some ideas even if you don't end up using it.

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