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Re: Post Breakout Con Feedback

Post by Shamaman »

Played a with a couple more friends, they're brothers in their late 20s. Both of them really liked the game and are looking forward to playing around with the system more.

Couple bits of feedback from playing with them.

One is the difficulty, it was a party of three at two destiny and we played two chapters at Vanagard - Beyond the Phantom wood difficultly (3 red threshold) and it was very easy, the red challenges the party had to work together to bead them but the green challenges were solo able, allowing the other party members to heal. The strategy they took on was to stretch cards and use treasures/spells for the hard stuff then just heal it all back when the other guy was soloing the green challenges.

The suggestion they made from seeing this was make it so that treasures and spells can't be healed back until the end of a chapter. I feel like this would balance the difficulty out a bit as those were the main cards they were healing back

Oh also, I got the cards in that I ordered. I got these mainly because I don't like shuffling index cards but I figure we can also use them at CanGaming Con for a cooler player experience and something neat they can take with them after the game

The other side is blank to be filled in as things go

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Re: Post Breakout Con Feedback

Post by Chall »

Awesome, this is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for.

I'll limit the recovery of always-ready cards till the end of the story. I'll also look into getting some of those cards for myself.

I look forward to seeing you at CanGames.
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