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Denizen Idea: Arcanophage Pixies
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Author:  Balasar [ Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Denizen Idea: Arcanophage Pixies

These 2 inch tall fey creatures are distant cousins of the skui. Because they are so tiny, they are almost exclusively found in swarms.if skui are mischievous tricksters, arcanophages are malevolent beasts. They are not widely known in the nine realms, but those who do know of them know to fear them; not for the threat they pose to the lives of those who encounter their swarms, but for their voracious appetite for magical items, which are sustenance for them. They also have a tendency to steal items and use them to build their nests, which can then be eaten later if food becomes scarce.

Base Powers Flight, Raven’s Posture (for detecting the magic items they eat).

Active Powers
Pilfer (used to steal items and run away with them)

Devour Item [Corrosive Touch] (you damage an item; it’s reflsvored so that instead of secreting acid, you have countless tiny mouths nibbling off bits and pieces of magical items, feeding on the enchantments that are lost along the way).


Passive Powers
Fire Inversion

Ice Inversion (the inversions serve 2 purposes: they reinforce the theme of consuming and being fortified by magic, and they also make for much tougher enemies, since I have a party with 2 aura capable PCs and an aura capable thane; if 2 or more of them go to aura 4, they can steam roll a lot of encounters).

Fangs (make your arcanophages able to damage more than just some items).

Builder’s Glory x3 (if you have corrosive Touch and can walk around damaging peoples stuff, doing +6 damage per attack per damaged item means you can do a lot of damage).


Infuse (that’s right! Spend a turn removing an infusion from your PCs’ items! Made an item too powerful? Find that something gets overused/abused? Just feeling a jerk? Fix your mistake or make good on your vendetta without having to rely on a retcon!).

Author:  Balasar [ Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Denizen Idea: Arcanophage Pixies

as an additional base power or passive power:

Arcane Sustenance: whenever you damage an item or consume an infusion with Devour Item or the Infuse skill, Heal equal to the amount of QR damaged or the QR of the infusion removed (e.g. damaging a QR 10 item heals 5 points of damage, and again when you destroy the item; removing a passive power heals 2 points of damage).

Author:  andrew [ Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Denizen Idea: Arcanophage Pixies

I like this, terrifying to dwellers with magic items they hold dear. I suppose after an infuse is sucked out, the item has unused QR that a Blacksmith can exploit? I could totally see a Blacksmith keeping one of these chained up in his forge when he needs to "edit" magical items. :D

Author:  Balasar [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Denizen Idea: Arcanophage Pixies

Ooooooh that’s a cool idea

They kind of work best in swarms, but it might make an interesting forge beast. Some forge beasts make things. Other edit.

The other thing though is that the powers are written in such a way that they can “kill” a creature reliquary.

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