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Table-top simulator

Post by andrew »

We've been in Vigridr BETA for a while now (it'll be ready when its ready), and in the past we offered the decks via the GameCrafter. Anyone on BETA could order the decks at cost +$1. I'm looking to ramp up the BETA membership and a digital version of the BETA would be ideal. Anyone know if any table-top simulators could handle hexagonal cards and rotation and placement of those cards?

We have a big design day planned for Feb 12th. Lots of local BETA testers locked in a room for 12 hours making their ideal cards & decks. Tons of games planned for the whole day. After that round we will probably have another batch of decks uploaded to TGC.
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Re: Table-top simulator

Post by Brokk »

So for Tabletop Simulator the answer is sort of. You can make hexagonal tiles with a different back, however they don't go in 'hands' or 'decks' as only multiple of the same tile stack.

You would have to give each player a 'hidden area' only visible to themselves to place the tiles in. And to shuffle the tiles would need to be put in a bag for people to draw out of. Which is a bit unelegant but functional.
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Re: Table-top simulator

Post by Aroth »

You can Also have pre-loaded Decks for each individual deck you want to test and have them loaded in,
You probably wont be able to charge anyone your 1 dollar for it,

Its kind of a pain to upload them and keeping it to a hex within Table-Top Simulator is also kind of a pain.
But you could do it,

Like Brokk said, you need hidden areas for each player to keep his hand, also doing the turning for ticks is probably not going to be already implemented.
But this could also (probably) be done,

And of course the last issue has to due with feedback, since this would be for testing purposes,
Not alot of people on steam give feed back on ANYTHING ever.
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