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How does Meta - Deflect work
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Author:  Marlowolves [ Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:01 am ]
Post subject:  How does Meta - Deflect work

How does the Meta - Deflect Work?
Does it only treble the shield/armor values of Parry/PF or does it treble the total value the denizens have including weapons and powers?
If a denizen for example is wielding a metal shield with a parry value of 4 and use the deflect meta, is the parry value then 3x4 = 12 for the shield + any other parry bonusses from other sources?
BR Marlowolves

Author:  raleel [ Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Meta - Deflect work

"Deflect triples the total PF and Parry values. This can only be placed on armour and shields. Multiple instances of Deflect increase the multiplier by 3 (ie. x3, x6, x9, etc...)"

seems like the total value to me. I treat it as a special version of Amplify. Amplify ALSO does the total value.

Author:  andrew [ Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Meta - Deflect work

Raleel is spot on! :)

Author:  dafelsheim [ Wed May 08, 2019 3:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Meta - Deflect work

So, this is reviving a very old thread but here goes.

We've been playing it so that Pierce actually works against PF and not Parry. At first it was simply an accident/misreading of the rules but then we decided that it seems to make more sense thematically. So it's been working out fine for the most part and I've managed to get some sort of a rhythm going as far as encounter difficulties go.

Tonight I've been looking back at past combat encounters (as a means of looking to plan for future ones) and have noticed that the encounters which have felt the most balanced and enjoyable (not the EASIEST mind you) have been those in which I presented NPC Dwellers with actual Archetypes/Levels and custom made gear from the Craft Skill and/or Denizens that relied very much on ranged attacks, Mental/Spiritual damage, and Conditions. I've also had to make extensive use of Flight and water.

Now, the feel I got from the Core book was really that the majority of combat encounters on Midgard should be against non-humanoid Denizens with pretty simple methods of combat. Obviously, there will be a lot fewer Wight Sovereigns and Banshees than Wolves or Trolls. Now, I love strategy in combat, with environmental factors, etc. so my above methods of designing things has been fun, but it's become hard to throw together a sort of quick encounter of simple Denizens when I just want a "normal" fight - at least, an encounter in which the Dwellers don't just slaughter the enemies.

So, my first thought is - okay, I'll use the RAW rules and have Pierce bypass Parry. Cool.

But then I was looking at some numbers and to me it seems like the errata for Mauling, Fangs, etc., might be statistically too much of a nerf, if you actually have a Blacksmith Dweller in the party. I understand the errata choices for such powers without access to the Blacksmith Archetype/without one in the party. But the nerf PLUS having access to Blacksmith-smithed items seems like a double whammy, so to speak.

For example, currently the "tank" and crafter of my group's party is a level 14 Blacksmith. He uses all items he personally crafted. Without using any Powers he has PF 2 and Parry 8. So, spending two Runes to Defend and then activate the Deflect Meta would put him at PF 6 & Parry 24 against the incoming attack. That seems a little crazy to me at this level, at least when it comes to fighting Denizens that are using natural weapons.

Just for comparison, I brought up the Level 14 Polar Kraken Denizen I have prebuilt. Now, the real threat of the Kraken should be its constriction abilities and the fact it can deal out ridiculous DF in a single attack because of its Physical attacks being Amped for its tentacles. This should kind of be a benchmark monster for high-end Physical DF output.

If my math is correct, if it did an Amplied Mauling Attack, it would deal 36 Physical DF with a Pierce of 4. So the Dweller's Blacksmith would only take 10 Physical damage if he Defended once and activated his Deflect Meta once.

Is this how things SHOULD work, thematically? Is the feel right? I'm not questioning whether or not it's good or bad I just want to know if I need to tweak slightly how I've been viewing the majority of combat encounters in Midgard during Fimbulwinter.

In contrast, the group's Druid has a PF of 3 and a Parry of 1. Obviously, this makes much more sense, he's a support/healer caster, not a tank. So if the Kraken attacked him and he did the same - Defend with a Deflect Meta - he would take 24 Physical damage, which is almost 5 out of his total 7 Essence Runes. With how the Druid is played, it's unlikely he'd even have those two runes free to do that, especially if he was higher in Initiative.

In your experience, Andrew, how do these sort of things balance (or not balance) out? I'm not asking "is it balanced" so much as do you find yourself having to build different versions of the same level & type of Denizen with significant differences multiple times depending on the sort of factors above? What about in groups where they don't have regular access to custom Blacksmith items?

Author:  andrew [ Wed May 08, 2019 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Meta - Deflect work

The short answer is yes, I tailor the denizens to the type of players and their dwellers. If they're all caster squishies, then I build my monsters differently than if I was facing a group supported by a min-maxed balcksmith and a spellcaster that drops Stitch Kindred on the party. The game system gives you a lot of freedom as a player to focus where and what you want. This means some newbies may make glass canons, with 0 PF and 0 Parry. The system allows the Norn to customize their denizens to a large degree, keeping each encounter fresh. So while it has its upside, the downside is having to be a conscientious Norn.

Author:  dafelsheim [ Fri May 10, 2019 5:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Meta - Deflect work

Okay, cool! I just wanted to know if I was doing everything right, in terms of both statistics and theme! After speaking with my players, they seemed fine with me upping the level of Denizens for simple/melee/smashing encounters, so that the Blacksmith would actually be challenged in melee.

I said, "Well, if the baby dragon can't bite through his shield, the adult dragon will just eat him!"

Oh, and btw - the party IS made up of two glass cannon spellcasters (Seithkona with PF 1/Parry 1 and Druid with PF 1/Parry 1) and a tank Blacksmith. As well as my NPC Fardrengir. The Druid also loves his Stitch Kindred. Are you spying on my games?!

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