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Author:  MDieterson [ Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Miniatures

Greetings my fellow denizens!

Hu, my very first post in this forum :) i'm not a nativ speaker, so, bear with me (please)! :D
I've bought this amazing game a few days ago (via amazon), now I'm currently crafting
my very own rune set, because I'm a poor student :D

Now to the question:
What kind of miniatures do you use in your games? Some kind of special brand? Random hotchpotch?
I'm kinda puzzled..there're so many! Maybe one of you guys can recommend something - this would
be great (preferably viking-y looking ones).

From the vast options on minis, I like the ones from SAGA and DnD Dungeon Command the most
- at the moment.

Well, any suggestions?


Author:  raleel [ Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

I have found Reaper Minis to be exceptional as a whole, and their Bones line is quite inexpensive. Most of them do not even have circular bases, so you can use them with hex bases just as well.

I tend to prefer slightly larger (28-30mm) minis, just because I think they look a little better on the map.

Other than that, random hodgepodge mostly. I have a pretty large collection of D&D minis that I got for cheap via various online sales. As I did not care about the actual D&D miniature game, I could buy ones that did not have cards, and get a better price.

http://www.demigodgames.net/ has a promising looking line, but it is not released yet :)

Author:  Ragnur [ Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

Seconded for Reaper Minis, good overall quality and low prices. For "generic viking ennemies", I also have a pack of GW's Chaos Marauders (about €30 for 16 figs, so relatively cheap as well).

Author:  Taleweaver [ Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

We use print-and-play paper miniatures - stick-figure style fantasy artwork on paper folded into a triangular shape. Cheap AND practical!

Author:  andrew [ Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

We popped Mage Knight figs off their bases and glued them onto grey 1" bases that fit our hex-grid playmat. The grey allows us to number the bases so when we have 6 wolves, we can easily differentiate each fig and tie it to the initiative tile and playmat.

Author:  Ludologist [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

I am curious as to what sort of budget players have for miniatures. At GenCon, I've seen both extremes: (1) The super organized, hundreds of different miniatures, all nicely painted, 3 barbarian elves (one wielding an axe, another a sword, the last a clubl yet all wearing the same clothes), etc. VS (2) a piece of paper with a name written on it, folded slightly so that it stands, and that a player's kindly girlfriend has carefully ripped so that it kinda fits in the hex spaces.

I'm also curious what sorts of things might make you willing to actually spend money on the minis. I know a few people that will spend money on pre-painted minis, but not on high quality/detail and unpainted stuff. What other things might be appealing?

By the way, the custom base approach is HUGELY practical in my experience. I definitely like easily identifying which figurine goes with which initiative tile.

Author:  raleel [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

Well, I like minis :) So, my budget might be a little skewed here.

However, back when I was playing D&D 4e, I spent a fair chunk (probably $100?) on pre-painted plastic minis. At the time, the D&D mini runs were going, and old sets would end their runs. I would pick up singles and packs for as cheap as I could find - often in the $0.25 per mini range. Thus, I have a LOT of certain minis - 50 bullywugs, 20 barbarians, etc. I kind of did it on purpose, because I tend to like having packs in combat. For 4e and for 13th age, it works well, because there are mooks/minions (1 hit and they go down, functionally). It does make me think about the usefulness of something like that in FOTN - perhaps instead of just an Essence 1 guy, make him always use the short damage track.

I also got in on the Reaper Bones kickstarter and got over 200 plastic unpainted minis for $100. It includes an 8" Cthulhu and a 14" skeletal dragon. It's a lot of minis, and I've not come close to painting them all yet. This is more singles, as a whole (there are a few groups - rats, kobolds, etc).

I have a smattering of metal ones that I've collected over the years. I will mod them as needed.

Which do I prefer? I like the prepainted ones I think. I like painting, I like the variety, but ultimately I'm lazy. Lots of pre-painted ones can be had at small prices and fulfill the needs well as a GM. For PCs, I almost always pick one up special. Last one I really did was a reaper dragonman one that I modded to have a 3 headed flail. It turned out extremely well - but the effort was very high. Good for PCs, but not so good for monsters as a whole.

I like the custom base approach. I'll have to try that out. Perhaps I'll rig up a system with velcro so I don't have to commit my minis to hex bases - that and the D&D ones are on sqaure bases mostly.

Author:  andrew [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

I'll be back on the forums more consistently now that our 7 week convention circuit is done. :) One thing that we heard from the fans while out on the road was how much they'd love to see a line of FOTN "Viking myths" minis. This means Midgard northmen, commoners, longships, and then the inevitable beastiaries from the other realms. Just as all of our products, the aim will be to have these pieces as both functional game components as well as stylized works of art.

FOTN Minis were on our 2016 roadmap, but we may be fast tracking this one to 2015 if the demand continues.

Author:  raleel [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

So, for a longship, I've used
http://www.amazon.com/Revell-Germany-Vi ... l+longship

it is actually the right scale and works well. you can fit 14 guys on the ship with 1" basis pretty well, which is about right :)

Andrew, I might suggest checking out Demigods games and seeing if they would be up for a partnership on this. they are looking at putting together a kickstarter for their mini line, and already have a norse line in the works. It might save lots of time

3d models
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... ker_05.jpg
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... ker_02.jpg
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... /12/02.jpg
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... /12/04.jpg

http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... Clay.3.jpg

production minis
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... rrsir2.jpg
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... /Thor3.jpg
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... CN4072.jpg
http://www.demigodgames.net/wp-content/ ... /Troll.jpg

Author:  andrew [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Miniatures

2 ships ordered!!! :D

Thanks for the leads, they look promising- we'll ping them.

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