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 Post subject: Enemy combos
PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:12 am 

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So everyone knows that fighting one kind of enemy at a time or fighting whatever combination of enemies in a more or less featureless environment can be pretty boring. So my question is twofold. What are some combinations of enemy types that you’ve used and found to be really fun/difficult/interesting, and what are some environmental features or enemy/environment combinations you and your party have had fun with at the table? I’ll even throw in a couple of my own terrain examples.

My party decided to split up. Two wanted to explore a cave, and one wanted to test out the boat he’d just built. I ended up doing one session just the cave explorers and one with just the black smith. In the cave, they found, along with lots of treasure, traps, and other goodies, 2 encounters that I really enjoyed. The first was a room with 2 trolls playing hneftafl. They could either fight the trolls, talk to them, or sneak past them to the door. They chose stealth, got caught in the net trap on the door, and the trolls challenged them to hneftafl. If they could beat both trolls, they could go further in, if they only beat one, they could go back the way they came, and if they lost both, they would be eaten. They ended up playing and winning. Later in the dungeon, there was a huge cavern with about a dozen Ulfhednar wearing collars that kept them stuck in wolf form and rage 4. The ground was littered with sharp bones. All creatures had to move at half speed or take damage from the bones. Weak moves then became 1/4 moves. Unfortunately, no one bothered taking a collar off in the heat of battle, otherwise they would have found out that removing the collar instantly killed the wearer.

Another example was the final battle in the mines for the Cornerstone of the world saga. I made that final cavern a series of stacked plateaus so people could get knocked off, there were pillars that could be toppled onto people, an energy field around the Hvergelmir well that incinerated things, a wall of fire and force that kept people trapped in the room. My druid even decided to hack away at the spectral chains I described binding Dreki, in an attempt to free him (it was actually the soul chains spell, but it was creative and I decided to allow it). And there were the wight monoliths obviously.

To reiterate the questions:
1. What are some of your favorite combinations of enemies for your players to fight?
2. What are some environmental features that you’ve really enjoyed using?
3. What are some combinations of enemies and terrain that you have enjoyed?

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