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 Post subject: FOTN in Washington
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:00 am 
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We finally got our game up and going! Well, sort of, because we had one player missing at the last minute due to illness, but at least we got a bit of story started.

This campaign is a continuation of a game that started in D&D 5e beta, transferred to 13th age, and now is in FOTN. It has gotten progressively more fantastical as I have tuned into what I'm looking for out of this (and other) games. It started as a low magic game, but then moved into magic and then into really magic as they world hopped to Niflheim and Muspeliheim, with a brief stint in Jotenheim.

The 13th age game ended with the party causing Ragnarok by delivering Naglfar to Surtr, giving it to him as a wedding present for his 3rd son to marry Hel so that she would pile up a mountain of corpses and block one of the great rivers feeding Yggdrasil from flowing into Midgard and flooding it, as was orchestrated by Ran. They foiled the plan, but in the processes, they made the cock crow and Baldr died at the wedding party (oops).

Characters for this are
  • A galdr emissary of a Muspeli demi-god. This character was a monk in 13th age and "found Surtr" while in Muspelheim. He is very very fiery. when he pops on his aura, we have a little bonfire mini we use for him (pictures later)
  • A berserker - this character is largely unchanged from 13th age, except now he's a bear a lot. His name is Jayne (I call him "yane") and supposedly has a child by a jarl's daughter who sure looked like it was a sign of the apocalypse (the mark of Ran on it, which was 3 gill like birthmarks). Turns out, he might not be the daddy. Might be the person who he has a rivalry with, the...
  • druid - this player changed from his ranger to a druid. Only his void rune is mental, so he's a bit of a stoner. He is ALSO an emissary of a demigod. We're thinking a Vanir one, but we haven't really worked it out yet. He was at the wedding party and is going along with this crew back to Midgard. He is alka-tastic - player is getting skittles for next game as tokens. He was laying out Ley Lines a lot, which was very very very popular with the...
  • Seithkona - this character (a male, actually) has been in the game since almost the beginning, and has mutated from a thief to a wizard to a necromancer to a seithkona now. He gave his left hand to learn the runes and now has a dvergar one which assists him with spells.

Anyhow, they left the wedding and sailed down the river, crossing the barrier between worlds and surveyed the damaged that had been caused by the flooding, and over their previous adventures (a nice little flashback if I do say so myself). They rounded the bend into the fjord where King Fairhair held his court and found it destroyed. Ruins abounded. They got the druid's hrokkvir to carry the longship they were gifted with in to land, found a man on the edge of death who gave them a dramatic, gasping bit of information...

The tyrant's coming
Like the rising dawn of a red sun
if you fear dying
then you're already dead!

He then promptly keeled over and they were attacked by some jotuns (players were eager for combat, and we had somewhat limited time). Combat went well, but was a bit long due to folks learning a lot we suspect. A lot of folks realizing how much they could leverage system mastery in this sort of game. By the third round, they were getting the hang of it and doing smart moves.

We all had a good time, if a little leery of our very analytical minds getting too caught up in all the options ;)

 Post subject: Re: FOTN in Washington
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:33 am 
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Awesome! Keep us posted on how it progresses. :) I'm diggin' the Ragnarok plot you have going!


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